Gilbane Conference 2014 Presentations

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Opening Keynotes: Building Digital Experiences - Industry leaders Share their Stories
Brad Kagawa - K1_Kagawa.pptx
Dana Heger - K1_Heger.pptx
Bill Gillis - K1_Gillis.pptx
Opening Keynotes: Industry Analyst Panel - What's Happening, What's Coming, and What's Hype
The ROI of Audience Engagement
It’s all about customer experience
Best of Breed Customer Experiences Require Best of Breed Content Management Systems
7 Keys to Success with Multi-channel Customer Experience Management
Track Keynote: What it Takes to Build a Modern Customer Experience
Kevin Novak - C1_Novak.pptx
Mobile Strategies - Beyond App Development
Panel - Stump the Web Content Management Consultant
Track Keynote: Implementing Large Scale Intranets
Greg Nemeth - E1_Nemeth.pdf
Enterprise Social - Is it Living up to its Promise?
Miller, Walters & Mullen - E2_Miller.pdf
Digital Workplace Strategies for Knowledge Sharing
Diane Berry - E3_Berry.pptx
Track Keynote Panel: Marketing Technologists Discuss Multichannel and Enterprise Integration Challenges
Update on Wearables and Internet of Things Applications and Platforms
Raimund Gross - T2_Gross.pdf
Marketing Automation, Data, and Multichannel Marketing
Peter O'Kelly - T3_OKelly.pptx
Track Keynote: Hear how Harvard Business Review and WGBH have Transformed Digital Engagement
eBook Platforms, Standards, and Uses - Expert Panel Discussion
Mark Gross - P2_Gross.pptx
Update on Multichannel Publishing Technologies
Joseph Bachana - P3_Bachana.pdf

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fulfilling the Needs of Entrepreneurs Through Content and UX
How You Can Use Smart Content To Automate Your High Value Communications
Marketers Unite!
Getting Personal with Hippo CMS
Creating Next Generation Digital Experiences
Digital governance: Getting it right online
Digimind Social: A New Face for Social Reputation
How to Manage Multichannel Content Marketing
Optimizing the Customer Experience with Analytics
Alhlou, Cram & Grogono - C5_Alhlou.pdf
Building Next Generation Web Content Management & Digital Experiences – Agency/Integrator Panel Discussion
Building Next Generation Web Content Management & Delivery Digital Experiences – Vendor Panel Discussion
Webster, Stark, Cahn, Bredlau & Danner - C7_Webster.pptx
Responsive Design Practices and Options
Tim Wright - C8_Wright.pptx
William Thayer - C8_Thayer.pptx
Managing and Monetizing Paid, Owned, and Earned Content
Kathy Greenler Sexton - C9_Sexton.pptx
Randy Woods - C9_Woods.pptx
Globalization and Localization Panel
User Experience Design and Engagement
David Polcaro - C11_Polcaro.pptx
Jessica Langdorf - C11_Langdorf.pptx
Content Marketing Panel
Rachel D Metscher - C12_Metscher.pdf
Dana Larson - C12_Larson.pdf
Content Strategy Panel
Ways to Increase Reach and Collaboration
How to Build Successful Online Communities
Vanessa DiMauro - E5_DiMauro.pptx
Jim Storer - E5_Storer.pptx
Personalization, CMSs, and Content Strategy
John Berndt - T4_Berndt.ppt
Jeff Geheb - T4_Geheb.pdf
Multichannel Content Management - How do you do it?
Big Data and Customer Engagement
Wesley Moore - T6_Moore.pptx
Peter O'Kelly - T6_OKelly.pptx
Multilingual Challenges - Current and Future
How to Improve Findability
David Juhlin - T8_Juhlin.pptx
Lawrence Rafsky - T8_Rafsky.ppsx
Joseph Busch - T8_Busch.pptx
Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning, and Big Data
How Publishers and Marketers are Dealing with Today's Digital Asset Management Challenges
The Future of Advertising Panel