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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Opening Keynotes
Moran & Gilbane - K1_Moran.pdf
Meg Walsh - K1_Walsh.pptx
Scott Brinker - K1_Brinker.pptx
Opening Keynotes
Jake Sorofman - K2_Sorofman.pptx
Stephen Powers - K2_Powers(1).pptx
Tony Byrne - K2_Byrne.pptx
Getting Personal with Hippo CMS
Forget “what” you know about customer experience management, the “how” is where it’s at – presented by e-Spirit, Inc.
Measure the Performance of Your Content Marketing Across Digital and Mobile Channels
Building National Geographic’s Next-Generation Intranet: Engaging, Social & Relevant
Q&A with Real Live Marketing Technologists
Responsive Design and the Future of Digital Experiences
Scott Noonan - C2_Noonan.ppt
In Koo Kim - C2_Kim.pptx
Stump the Web Content Management Consultant!
Building an Intranet Strategy around Knowledge Assets
Driving Self-Service and Support through Social Collaboration
Susan McCabe - E2_McCabe.pdf
Steve McMillan - E2_McMillan.pptx
Jordan Frank - E2_Frank.ppt
Metadata Enhancement for Improved Content Management - Taxonomies and Governance – a Panel Discussion
Chris McNulty - E3_McNulty.pptx
Joseph A. Busch - E3_Busch.pdf
Heather Hedden - E3_Hedden.ppt
Are You Leveraging All the Mobile Technologies Required for Competitive Mobile Engagement?
New Techniques for Designing Digital Experiences: Empathy, Animation, Visualization
How to Make Authors and Content Strategists Happy, and Content Creation Efficient
Strategies for Updating and Managing Your Changing Digital Products (and teams!)
Multi-channel Publishing and Content Reuse
Content Optimization for Publishers – Two Under-appreciated Approaches
Bryan Bell - P3_Bell.pdf
Pete Sheinbaum - P3_Sheinbaum.ppt

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New England Biolabs: Owning the Experience with Sitecore
The three business requirements for successful Customer Experience Management - presented by SDL
Modern Web Content and Experience Management with Crafter CMS
Charles River Labs: Implementing Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution
What's Your Method To The Mobile Madness?
Bringing content and commerce together to build amazing consumer experiences: Featuring Adobe, Pearson Education, and Elastic Path Software
From static to real-time web marketing in 45 minutes - presented by Evergage
How Do You Implement Global Digital Experience Management?
Marc Strohlein - C4_Strohlein.pptx
Christine Polewarczyk - C4_Polewarczyk.pptx
Content, Context, and Educational Marketing
How Digital Marketers Must Move Beyond Business as Usual to Succeed
Ron Person - C6_Person.pdf
Building Next Generation Web Content Management & Delivery Digital Experiences – A Panel Discussion
Pardon the Digital Interruption
Your Site Needs Improvement!
Content Strategies: Customer Experience, Competition, Content Marketing and Curation
Pamela Kostur - C10_Kostur.pptx
Pawan Deshpande - C10_Deshpande.pptx
Evaluating Collaboration and Social Software Options for Your Digital Workplace
Tony Byrne - E4_Byrne.pdf
Incorporating Content Strategy into Your Project: Why and How?
Marsh & DiMare - E5_Marsh.pptx
Knowledge Integration through Collaboration among Healthcare Stakeholders
Larry Chait - E6_Chait.pptx
Jane H Frankel - E6_Frankel.pptx
Strategic Imperatives for Enterprise Search to Succeed, a Panel Discussion
John Felahi - E7_Felahi.pptx
Hedström, Moulton, Berry & Felahi - E7_Hedstrm.pptx
Guidelines for Building Communities and the Role of Employees in Social Media
Kendal Peiguss - E8_Peiguss.pptx
When do You Really Need Big Data Technologies versus More Familiar Information Management Tools?
Peter O'Kelly - T4_OKelly.pptx
How Should Your CMS Fit into Your Mobile Strategy?
How to Build an Enterprise Mobile Strategy for Content Applications
Kristen Harris - T6_Harris.pdf
Have You Talked To Your Refrigerator Today? Content and User Experience Design for the Internet of Smart Things
Two Ways to Improve Content Monetization – Big Data Personalization and Long Tail Reuse
Frank Hamerlinck - P4_Hamerlinck.pdf
Pradeep Jain - P4_Jain.pptx
The Future of Digital Advertising – What Publishers and Marketers Need to Know