Gilbane Conference 2015 Presentations

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

K1. Opening Keynotes
Scott Brinker - 0830_Brinker.pptx
Jon Marks - 0830_Marks.pptx
K2. Opening Keynotes
Kevin Newman - 1100_Newman.pdf
Michele J. Givens - 1100_Givens.pptx
Product Lab A - Adobe
B: No more headless giraffe (Enonic AS)
C: Governing to Win: How to Optimize and Protect your Digital Presence (ActiveStandards)
Tom Golden - 1440_Golden.pptx
D: Jostle, the radically better employee intranet (Jostle Corporation)
C1. Building a Case for Marketing Transformation
Rohit Prabhakar - 1330_Prabhakar.pptx
Anand Rao - 1330_Rao.pdf
C2. Making Omni-channel Work
C3. Holistic Customer Experiences Require Fundamental Change
E1. Strategies and Lessons from Successful Intranets
Rachelle Byars-Sargent - Productizing Digital Workplaces
MacDonald, Byars-Sargent & Redin - 1330_MacDonald.pptx
E2. Critical Considerations for Building a Modern Intranet
Lavoy & Redin - 1440_Lavoy.pdf
E3. Achieving Successful Collaboration in Large Enterprises
Filip Callewaert - 1600_Callewaert.pdf
Robert L. Armacost - 1600_Armacost.pptx
T1. Mobile App Development and Management
T2. Brain Science for Marketing to Digital Brains
Kalfel, Lindsay & Mosher_Zinck - 1440_Kalfel.pdf
T3. New Web and Mobile Technologies: Web Components and Polymer; Deep Linking and App Indexing
Martin Amm - 1600_Amm.pptx
Monesh Jain - 1600_Jain.pptx
P1. New Frontiers in Digital Content Distribution
Mark Walter - 1330_Walter.pptx
P2. Aligning Technology with Strategy - Harvard Business Review
P3. Recurring Revenue: Why Subscription Models are the New Hot Business Model (Again)
Jim Fosina - 1600_Fosina.pdf
Catherine Giffi - 1600_Giffi.pptx
Peter Figueredo - 1600_Figueredo.pdf

Thursday, December 3, 2015

C4. Global Experience Management: Analyst Views on Trends and Practices
C5. Global Experience Management: Making It Work in the Real World
C6. Personalization: The Advanced Crash Course
Lunch & Technology Demonstrations
C7. Content Marketing - Strategies for Success
Pawan Deshpande - 1400_Deshpande.pdf
C8. Content Strategies for a Superior Customer Experience
C9. Reconfiguring Roles for Modern Marketing Organizations
Emily A Witt - 1400_Witt.pptx
Frederick Faulkner - 1400_Faulkner.pptx
C10. Operational and Governance planning for Successful Large-scale Digital Transformation
Lisa Welchman - 1530_Welchman.pdf
C11. How to Integrate the Content and Commerce Experience
E4. Growth without compromise: Using intranets to scale what makes you great
Debra Lavoy - 0830_Lavoy.pdf
E5. Connecting Customer and Employee Experiences
Nicholes & Orofino - 0940_Nicholes.pptx
Nadasky & McClelland - 0940_Nadasky.pptx
E6. Building Modern Knowledge Management Implementations
Lunch & Technology Demonstrations
T4. Benchmark Your WCM Environment
T5. When and How to Move to a New CMS / Digital Platform
Rob Martinez - 0940_Martinez.pptx
William Thayer - 0940_Thayer.pptx
T6. CMS Alternatives - Bespoke to Wordpress
John Eckman - 1140_Eckman.pdf
John Eckman - 1140_Eckman.pptx
Lunch & Technology Demonstrations
T7. Modern Multichannel Strategies
Christian Blomberg - 1140_Blomberg.key
Andrew Blackmore - 1140_Blackmore.pdf
T8. How to Plan for Complex Multichannel Projects
In Koo Kim - 1400_Kim.pdf
T9. Visualization Techniques for Text and Data
Carl Lambrecht - 1530_Lambrecht.pptx
Michael Sweeney - 1530_Sweeney.pptx
P4. Executing Content Strategies
Georgy Cohen - 0830_Cohen.pptx
P5. B2B Content Marketing – Lessons from the Front Lines
Cory Polonetsky - 0940_Polonetsky.pptx
Lunch & Technology Demonstrations
E: 5 Brands, 68 Websites, 40 Languages – How to Simplify the Complexity of Your Global Web Experience (SDL)
F: Mobile: The Cornerstone For All Digital Customer Experiences (Oracle)
H: Drive revenue and retention through multichannel digital experiences (HP Marketing Optimization)
I: Why choosing the right WCM tool really does not matter, but how you organize WCM does........
J: The Tech Behind The Art of Corporate Storytelling - Brightspot at Walmart
K: Using Personalization to Convert More Visitors into Value (Episerver Inc.)