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    Track C: Content, Marketing, & Customer Experience
    Track W: Content, Collaboration, & Digital Workplace Experience
    Track T: Technologies For Content, Marketing, & Digital Experience
    Track P: Re-Imagining Digital Strategies For Publishing & Media
    Post-Conference Workshops

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
8:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
  • K1: Build Customer Conversations (NOT Impressions): A Keurig Green Mountain Digital Success Story
  • If you could live with your customer for a day, what would you learn - what would they learn? What about for two days? A week? Every day of the year? This isn’t a hypothetical scenario for Rachael Schwartz at Keurig Green Mountain. As the company’s VP of Product Management and GM for Keurig’s IoT undertaking Rachael oversees the company’s consumer beta testing of connected coffee makers, yielding over 5 million brews and counting. And what has her team learned? That most of us are looking at smart devices wrong. It’s not about the latest trick of technology - it’s about a two-way conversation that creates a dynamic loop between a company and its customers. Companies focus on data-collection alone when they should focus how that data can continually make the user’s experience that much better and stickier. By sharing beta test data and communications test results, Rachael will demonstrate how companies can deepen relationships with consumers and change habitual behaviors when day-to-day, connected interactions in the home meet dynamic marketing.

    Frank Gilbane, Founder, Bluebill Advisors, Gilbane Conference
  • Rachael Schwartz, VP, Product Management & General Manager, Keurig Connect, Keurig Green Mountain
9:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
  • K2: Let's Get Emotional: Creating Deeper Customer Connections with Emotion AI
  • We live in a world full of advanced technology with massive cognitive capabilities. Our interactions with these systems are becoming more relational and conversational, but something is missing: they lack social and emotional skills, making for superficial and ineffective connections. This impacts how humans interact with technology, how we communicate with each other in digital contexts, even how businesses interact with their consumers.  Artificial Emotional Intelligence or Emotion AI bridges this gap. In this talk we will explore how Emotion AI works, where it’s being used today and where we see it going in the future.

    Frank Gilbane, Founder, Bluebill Advisors, Gilbane Conference
  • Gabi Zijderveld, CMO, Affectiva
9:30 a.m. - 9:45 a.m.
  • K3: Diamond Sponsor Keynote - Adaptive Content Strategy: How to increase your ROC (Return on Content)
  • With a dramatic decline in attention spans, the only way to get your message across to your customers is to tailor it to their context and persona. Adaptive content strategy enables you to deliver contextually appropriate messages for different audiences with less content. In this talk, we will explore how structured content can enable an adaptive content strategy for your organization and the benefits you can accrue from it.

    Juhee Garg, Senior Product Manager, Adobe
9:45 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
  • Break & Technology Demonstrations in the Showcase
10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
  • C1: Brand Content Strategies
  • “Content strategy” covers a lot of territory, within organizations, and across industries. While every business is unique, cross-pollinization of ideas often leads to some of the most valuable and unpredictable insights. In this session speakers from well-known brands, Starwood and Volvo, share content strategies that have worked for them, and might inspire you in surprising ways.

    Melissa Webster, Program VP, Content & Digital Media Technologies, IDC
  • Measuring your translation ROI, Starwood’s model
    Ora Solomon, Director of Global Product Management, Starwood Hotels & Resorts
  • Targeting Content for the Right Location
    John Johnston, Director, Digital Marketing, Volvo Construction Equipment
  • W1: Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration at Scale
  • Large-scale knowledge sharing and collaboration projects are typically complex beasts involving multiple technology, process, data, and channel integrations across disparate organizations. These two case studies shed light on some ways to approach a range of challenges. 

    Phil Kemelor, Partner, VP-Client Services, MaassMedia
  • Actionable Knowledge and Data-driven Decisions
    Krista Kennedy Groenwoldt, Department Head, MITRE Corporation
  • Donna Cuomo, Assoc Director, Knowledge, Information & Collaboration Solutions, MITRE Corp.
  • T1: Multi-channel Content Architectures for B2B and B2C
  • COPE (Create Once Publish Everywhere) has been a goal of organizations since the dawn of digital content delivery. It has never been easy to achieve, even in cases where there were only two delivery channels. With today’s need to keep up with the constant growth, and changes in relative importance, of different channels, the return on effort can be greater than ever. This session includes current examples both B2B and B2C organizations can learn from.

    Steve Ball, General Manager, EidosMedia
  • COPE Publishing at the LDS Church
    Todd Anderson, Portfolio Director, LDS Church
  • Scott Welty, Software Development Engineer, LDS Church
  • Content Transformation: Building a Digital Experience that Supports your Customers' Journey
    Noel McDonagh, Director of Information Development, Dell EMC
  • Gal Oron, CEO, Zoomin Software
11:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.
  • C2: From Off-The-Shelf to Personalization - How Should Marketer's Explore Their Data for Programmatic Buying?
  • W2: Making your Intranet Great Again
  • As critical as intranets are for medium to large organizations, many implementations are stale and suffer from incomplete adoption. Speakers in this session will look at what you should expect from a modern intranet – whether enhancing an existing, or planning for a new, corporate intranet.

    Cathy McKnight, Vice President, Consulting, Digital Clarity Group
  • Intelligent Intranets and SharePoint - Demystifying SharePoint's Future and your options
    Jeff Fried, Director, InterSystems
  • Intelligent Content Management at Pearson Education
    Joe Moriarty, CEO, Content Raven
  • T2: Web & Mobile Development Strategy Update
  • Little is written these days about dramatic either/or decisions around native app versus mobile web app development, and with good reason. There was never a good argument that one would always be the right choice, and the difference in capabilities has narrowed considerably. But there are still many decisions to make about which components of each to use when. This session provides up-to-date information, use cases, and comparisons of web standards. You don’t need to be a developer to learn from this session – any marketers or managers involved in web projects or strategies will benefit.

    Bill Trippe, Director of Technology, The MIT Press
  • Design Pattern Libraries and CMS go together like peas and carrots
    Robb Winkle, Technical Director, ICF Olson
  • Have Web Standards on Mobile Caught Up to Phonegap in 2017?
    Raymond Camden, Developer Evangelist, IBM
12:45 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
  • Lunch & Technology Demonstrations in the Showcase
2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
  • C3: Integrating Marketing Technology for Efficiency, Reach, and Engagement
  • Integration of front and back-end systems and applications is a never-ending effort that can easily overwhelm – focus can help. This session looks at a couple of specific applications and explores the different integration challenges and benefits.

    Subrata Mukherjee, CEO, Disrupt Transformation Services
  • Multilingual Content Management – How to optimize workflows with translation integrations
    Ira Frimere, VP of Product, Acclaro
  • Driving Deeper Engagement with Effective Lead Nurturing
    Alexander Kesler, Founder & President, INFUSEMedia
  • W3: New Approaches to Enterprise Collaboration
  • Enterprise collaboration, at least as a goal, is not new, and in spite of a renewed interest and a growing number solutions offered, is still a challenge. In this session you’ll hear from two young companies with fresh ideas on how to make true enterprise collaboration achievable.

    Phil Kemelor, Partner, VP-Client Services, MaassMedia
  • More is Less: How Competing Collaboration Ecosystems Hurt Your Bottom Line
    Javier Garcia, Co-founder, Qipo
  • John O'Sullivan, Co-founder, Qipo
  • Moving Beyond Team Sharing to Enterprise Collaboration
    Akiva Elias, Co-Founder, Semlr
  • T3: AR, VR, AI, and Cognitive Computing for Marketing and Content Applications
  • There is no doubt that all of these technologies will have a huge effect on digital experiences across all industries going forward. But their emergence is recent enough that understanding how they each differ and how the terms are actually used, what they can do today, where they fit in various stacks, how soon they will be a competitive necessity in your market, and how one or more of them might provide you with a disruptive advantage is vital. In any case, you need to be thinking about them now.

    Jill Finger Gibson, Principal Analyst, Digital Clarity Group
  • Trends and Directions in Cognitive Computing and Marketing
    Jay Henderson, Director of Product Strategy and Offering Management, Watson Marketing, IBM
  • Redefining Experience using Immersive Technologies
    Tulika Garg, Engineering Manager, Adobe
3:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
  • Break & Technology Demonstrations in the Showcase
3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • C4: Commerce, Content, and Conversion
  • Of all the different functions and systems that need to be integrated to provide a clean consistent customer experience, content management systems and commerce systems are the most obvious. Speakers look at three areas: e-commerce and CMS integration, why content is so critical to e-commerce success, and strategies for optimal conversion.

    Jill Finger Gibson, Principal Analyst, Digital Clarity Group
  • E-Commerce and CMS - Happily together?
    Naresh Devnani, Lead Digital Architect, WebCosm Inc.
  • Ravi Althuru, Practice Lead - Web Experiences, eCommerce, Search and Portals, Meteora Solutions
  • Why Content Matters - 7 Ways Content will be Crucial for e-Commerce
    Soren Stamer, CEO, CoreMedia
  • 12 Steps to Increase Your E-commerce Conversion Rate
    Khalid Saleh, CEO and Founder, Invesp
  • W4: Building an Exceptional Digital Experience with High Quality Content and Efficient Collaboration
  • Creating a superior and sustainable digital experience for internal and external customers isn’t possible without a lot of attention paid to the underlying content creation and collaborative processes that span multiple departments. This session looks at the challenges and how to overcome them.

    Tim Bourgeois, Executive Editor,
  • Digital Standards for complex multi-site, multi-language and multi-channel digital presences.
    Kristina Podnar, Digital Policy Consultant, NativeTrust Consulting LLC
  • Carolina Ramirez, Digital Governance Lead, Digital Strategy Section, DOC, UNICEF
  • Writing Together, Thinking Together: Power of True Collaboration
    Juhee Garg, Senior Product Manager, Adobe
  • The Content Supply Chain
    Melissa Webster, Program VP, Content & Digital Media Technologies, IDC
  • T4: Software Selection: Conversational Apps, MarTech Suites, Content Marketing
  • It is just sooo easy to go wrong when choosing new technology – risk management of the scariest kind for both business and technical decision makers. Each of our three experts in this session focus on unique considerations for a different segment of solutions. They’ll help you reduce your risk and stress level.

    Bill Trippe, Director of Technology, The MIT Press
  • Want to build Conversational or Invisible Apps? Listen to Arthur Ashe before you buy any new software or services
    Tiesha Miller, Group Director, Technology, VML
  • Battle of the Giants: Evaluating the Major MarTech Suites
    Tony Byrne, Founder, Real Story Group
  • Choose the Right Content Marketing System
    Samantha Stone, Author, Founder & CMO, The Marketing Advisory Network
5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Reception & Technology Demonstrations in the Showcase
Wednesday, November 29, 2017
8:45 a.m. - 9:15 a.m.
  • K4: Disruption - Is enough really enough?
  • Many companies, including media and publishing companies, are embarking on transformation initiatives. But are these really transformational? Are they really disrupting an industry? Are these companies and teams planning for their own possible demise? In this keynote session, Subrata will go over some experiences of how companies are wasting millions in doing last decade’s transformation and developing cold feet when it comes to thinking out of the box and large-scale disruption. He will go over his Disruption strategy framework which showcases the various options available to executives to guide them on what next steps it needs to undertake. He will also briefly talk through two Case studies from the publishing world where its been done wrong (a) Global print publisher trying to reinvent itself (b) Peer-to-Peer Scientific / Medical journals trying to adjust to a fast pace world. Then, he will showcase his Business model innovation framework showcasing 30 different business models that are disrupting traditional businesses in three categories (a) Offering, (b) Payment and (c) Consumption. A must see session if you are looking to drastically transform your business into the Digital world.

    Frank Gilbane, Founder, Bluebill Advisors, Gilbane Conference
  • Subrata Mukherjee, CEO, Disrupt Transformation Services
9:15 a.m. - 9:45 a.m.
  • K5: The Rise of AI in Marketing: IDC Shares What Every Marketer Should Know
  • In 2017, the several dozen AI-enabled marketing applications will explode into the hundreds. And within a few short years, IDC says half of all companies will be using this new generation of computer intelligence. Digital marketers must experiment with this technology and build it into their roadmaps now. Don't be left behind! Cognitive marketing is a competitive imperative for all marketers this year. Join IDC digital marketing expert Gerry Murray to learn how cognitive marketing will be a game-changer for your business. In this session, he will teach you the fundamentals: What the heck is cognitive computing? What are the top 10 applications in marketing? How are content generation and content management applications affected? How should marketers get started?

    Frank Gilbane, Founder, Bluebill Advisors, Gilbane Conference
  • Gerry Murray, Research Director, IDC
9:45 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
  • Break & Technology Demonstrations in the Showcase
10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
  • C5: Customer Experience, Data, Personalization, and Brand Marketing
  • Marketers have a lot to figure out these days. They need to navigate between decisions about how much to focus on personalization versus brand marketing, determine what data they need for each, and how it will be acquired, analyzed, and utilized, and decide which marketing technology components they need to choreograph to support their goals. And all the while they need to ensure they will be improving the customer experience. This session includes two presentations looking at the role of data in overall marketing strategy and customer experience.

    Phil Kemelor, Partner, VP-Client Services, MaassMedia
  • The Marketer's Dilemma: Data Activation
    Aaron Kechley, President, Platform & EVP, Marketing & Product Management, dataxu
  • Supporting Today's Connected Consumer with the End-to-End Customer Journey
    Mark Smith, President, Kitewheel
  • P1: Digital Content Strategies for Now and the Future
  • Two critical components of digital transformation are a future-ready multichannel content management infrastructure, and the ability to track, measure, and predict the impact of published content across channels. The presentations are relevant to publishers, marketers, and all digital strategists.

    Bill Trippe, Director of Technology, The MIT Press
  • An inside look at the digital transformation of a world-leading Financial Services firm
    Steve Dock, Senior Vice President, Research, Content and Publishing Technology Owner, Moody's Investors Service
  • Predictive Analytics for Social Momentum
    J. Bradford Kain, President, Quoin
  • T5: Headless? De-coupled? Hybrid? Why? How?
  • Headless or de-coupled CMSs are more important than ever in today’s many-channel world. But all organizations have unique requirements and existing web and enterprise content management systems and workflows in place. This makes incorporating headless functionality complicated, to say the least. Business and customer experience requirements, technical difficulty, and costs, all need to be balanced. This session looks at the issues and includes an enlightening case study on a “mixed mode” approach presented by Capital One.

    Cathy McKnight, Vice President, Consulting, Digital Clarity Group
  • Adding a "Head" to Headless CMS
    David Monroe, Senior Product Manager, Digital Enterprise Content, Capital One Financial Services
  • The Emergence of Headless Digital Experience Platforms How the application of “design once/distribute anywhere” technology enables omnichannel customer engagement
    Petr Palas, Founder & CEO, Kentico Software
11:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.
  • C6: Website Design Considerations
  • Site design is a continuous process with occasional major redesigns. This session includes a presentation focused on a structured process for analyzing your digital presence, creating a plan that includes clear objectives matching marketing and business goals, and procedures for ongoing measurement. The second presentation addresses user experience considerations necessary for accessibility, and to ensure you’re reaching your full growth potential.

    Tim Bourgeois, Executive Editor,
  • How to get the most out of a site redesign – A digital analyst’s perspective
    Phil Kemelor, Partner, VP-Client Services, MaassMedia
  • Opportunities rather than burdens: How to ensure millions of customers can engage with your content
    Peter McNally, Senior Consultant, User Experience Center, Bentley University
  • P2: News Engagement & Consumption
  • While a few large news organizations have succeeded in growing their digital subscription revenue despite the commodification of the most popular news items freely available, continued growth requires deeper engagement with readers. Just being more trustworthy is unfortunately not enough. In this session you’ll hear about an effort at The Guardian’s US Mobile Innovation Lab to test new ways to engage mobile news consumers, followed by a presentation on research on content consumption habits and trends.

    Bill Trippe, Director of Technology, The MIT Press
  • Measuring Success at the Edge of Digital Communication at The Guardian
    Lynette Chen, Senior Analytics Consultant, MaassMedia
  • Content Consumption and Digital Subscription Trends in the Era of Fake News
    Peter Marsh, SVP Marketing, Newscycle Solutions
  • T6: Content That Keeps on Giving
  • The most valuable content can be expensive to create and organize but has a long life-cycle of return if properly maintained. Part of the required maintenance is ensuring it remains easy to find and takes advantage of new methods and technologies for accessing more topical and relevant content. The two presentations in this session will explain how you can protect, enhance, and ensure your content keeps on giving.

    Subrata Mukherjee, CEO, Disrupt Transformation Services
  • Topic Curation: Manual vs. Automated
    Michel Biezunski, CEO, Infoloom Inc.
  • How to Rototill Metadata to Lift the Visibility of Content
    Mark Gross, President, Data Conversion Laboratory
12:45 p.m. - 1:45 p.m.
  • Lunch & Technology Demonstrations in the Showcase
1:45 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.
  • C7: Customer Experience – Beyond the Obvious
  • A recurring theme at our event is that a great, or even acceptable, customer experience requires new ways of working with, or learning from, functions outside the marketing organization. This session looks at two of them.

    Tim Bourgeois, Executive Editor,
  • Breaking Down Silos: Combining Marketing and Technical Content to Deliver a Consistent Customer Experience
    Dustin Vaughn, Solutions Consulting Manager, Adobe
  • Tools and Techniques to Implement Agile Marketing Methodology
    Bryan Semple, Chief Marketing Officer, SmartBear
  • P3: Approaches to Linked Open Data & Named Entity Recognition
  • In this session publishing technology experts describe two advanced technologies relevant to all industries. You’ll learn what Linked Open Data can do for you, as well as a new method for Named Entity Recognition that promises dramatic improvements.

    Bill Trippe, Director of Technology, The MIT Press
  • Named Entity Tagging Improvements via Ensemble Methods
    Lawrence Rafsky, Chief Scientist, NewsEdge / Acquire Media
  • Jerry Kurlandski, Senior Scientist, Natural Language Processing, Acquire Media
  • T7: Integrating Multilingual Content into Operations and Growth
  • As global content becomes more mainstream there is increasing pressure for broader and more efficient integration with corporate functions and strategies. Both presentations in this session address some ways to accomplish this: one focused on the multilingual content supply chain and API integration, and one focused on deeper integration with marketing and growth strategies.

    Mary Laplante, Vice President Client Services, Digital Clarity Group
  • Workflow Automation in Multilingual Content Delivery: A Collaborative Initiative for Standardized Translation APIs
    Laura Brandon, Executive Director, Globalization and Localization Association
  • Jim Compton, Program Manager, RWS Moravia
  • Translation Strategy is a Growth Strategy: The Smart Approach to Global Content
    Juliana Pereira, Vice President Marketing, Smartling
2:45 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.
  • Break & Technology Demonstrations in the Showcase
3:15 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.
  • C8: Exploring the New Frontiers of Language and AI
  • T8: DAM for All - Publishing and Corporate
  • This Digital Asset Management session could just as easily have fit into our publishing and media track where we have usually covered the topic. We’ve included it the technical track because these days most businesses need to manage ever-increasing volumes and types of media in more sophisticated ways. Our presentations will be helpful to anyone managing a large number of media assets.

    Cathy McKnight, Vice President, Consulting, Digital Clarity Group
  • TBA
    Jeff Cram, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder, Connective DX
  • Beyond marketing: everyone owns your brand
    Chris Lang, President, Bynder
  • Operational Excellence: Get Your Digital House in Order
    Scott Smith, Managing Director, WoodWing
Thursday, November 30, 2017
9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
  • WS1: Mapping Customer Journeys and Managing Content: How To Align Practices for Great Customer Experience
  • Journey-driven engagement and content management go hand-in-hand. Once you understand the journey that your customer wants to take, you need to deliver the content that will advance him or her along the path. Many organizations are investing in developing journey maps - but they have yet to connect their maps to their content in ways that enable those journeys to be really effective and satisfying for customers, yet manageable and efficient for marketers and content managers.

    Instructor Cathy McKnight leads this practical workshop that will show you how to overlay your journey maps onto your content management infrastructure and evolve your CMS as a true hub of engagement. Cathy starts the workshop with a brief journey mapping exercise, using a scenario developed in real time by attendees. After a brief review of the technology landscape for experience management solutions, attendees will learn the how to leverage their CMS and other marketing technology solutions to support the customer on his or her journey.

    As a result of attending this workshop, you will understand the basics of the customer journey mapping process, and you'll be in a position to speak knowledgeably with colleagues, managers, technology partners, and service providers about your organization's infrastructure requirements for executing journey mapping strategies and tactics.

    Cathy McKnight, Vice President, Consulting, Digital Clarity Group
  • WS2: An Anatomy of a Digital Marketing Audit [Cancelled]
  • WS3: The Right Way to Select Digital Technology
  • Enterprises around the world are deepening and diversifying their digital "stacks." If you are a customer engagement or digital workplace leader, 2018 may well find you looking to implement new tools or refresh dated platforms. Fortunately, you face a wide and growing array of vendors willing to address your problems. But which ones offer the best fit for your particular circumstances?

    This fast-paced workshop led by Real Story Group founder Tony Byrne will explain the broad intersecting marketplaces for digital solutions. Tony will sort out the key players and business models, and offer you a roadmap for deciding which types of technologies and vendors provide the best long-term fit for your needs. Each participant will receive a free copy of Tony's new book, "The Right Way to Select Technology: Get the Real Story on Finding the Best Fit" (Rosenfeld Media).

    The workshop will answer several key questions:

    • How can you quickly distinguish among the 150 major toolsets across these marketplaces?
    • What are the critical, can't-ignore architectural distinctions you need to make?
    • How are these marketplaces likely to evolve in the coming years, and how can you best align your firm to take advantage of future innovation?
    • How does WCM intersect with DAM, Marketing Automation, and Social technologies?
    • How can you insure that your selection process meets your original business objectives?
    • Which should you pick first: Agency, Integrator, Vendor, or...?
    • What are some major pitfalls others have made that you can readily avoid?
    • What is a more practical and modern approach to traditional "waterfall" methods of selecting technology?

    Bring your own strategic technology conundrum to this workshop, and come away with some practical advice for moving forward in a positive direction.

    Tony Byrne, Founder, Real Story Group
1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  • WS4: Making the Most of Digital Globalization to Deliver the Best Experiences Globally
  • You know there is no great local experience without global excellence. However you may wonder where to start and where to go in order to do the right thing at the right time for the right people around the world. If you have doubts, issues or questions about the international expansion of your content or products this session is made for you. Whether you are in a globalizing startup or in a well-established multinational the fastest and safest way to be digitally attractive and competitive is to embrace diversity, automation and customer centricity upfront. You also need to translate these directions in your digital transformation plans and your acceleration efforts. Customers want to be understood, considered and delighted both individually and collectively. They require digital experiences reflecting who they are, what they do and where they want your business. They are in control and their power is borderless as they can switch to your competitors in one click or with one word if you do not speak to them linguistically, culturally and functionally. Therefore it is crucial to deliver digital experiences to make Global go together well with Growth. Join this session to take the fast track to unleash globalization value and build assets with:

    • A robust framework to execute digital globalization end to end, maximize local resonance and create value along the way
    • Globalization do's and don'ts to incorporate your objectives in an actionable roadmap
    • A digital content and experience value chain leveraging internationalization, translation, localization and customer experiences globally
    • Recommendations to position or elevate digital globalization in your organization, keep it sustainable and use the appropriate resources internally and externally
    • Technology enablers empowering you to manage a multilingual and multicultural content supply chain boosting digital experiences across geographies
    • Performance indicators to capture and measure content effectiveness globally
    • Practices to put digital globalization in action in an agile and lean fashion
    Bruno Herrmann, Global Leader, Expert And Advisor in Digital Experiences, Products And Content, Independent Consultant
  • WS5: Designing Taxonomies and Metadata for Content Management
  • A content management system (including WCM, ECM, and DAM systems) supports the categorizing or classification of content through the use of taxonomies or metadata, which can greatly enhance the ease of content retrieval. But simply importing an off-the-shelf taxonomy or metadata schema is not sufficient. Taxonomies and metadata need to be designed to best represent the unique content set and the particular users.

    The workshop will begin with an introduction on basic principles and best practices in taxonomy design for hierarchical and faceted taxonomies, including term wording, hierarchical relationship rules, and the creation of synonyms/alternate labels, using real life examples. The workshop will then also cover these issues:

    • Building vs. buying a taxonomy
    • Engaging stakeholders
    • Developing taxonomy vs. metadata
    • Representing categories as folders vs. as tags
    • Designing shared vs. separate metadata for different purposes
    • Testing the taxonomy
    • Developing tagging policies and governance plans

    A recent blog post by the instructor introduces some of these issues:

    Heather Hedden, Senior Consultant, Enterprise Knowledge LLC
  • WS6: Did You Say: “Lift and Shift?!” – A Survival Guide to Content Migration
  • It all starts with progress. A new CMS platform that can do so much more - think reusable content, modular page designs, dynamic display, and personalization - in short, the answer to your content management woes. All that's left to do is to migrate all your content off the old platform and onto the new. Easy, right? As anyone who has ever gone through this process can attest, nope, not easy, not even a bit!

    Join Lindy as she walks through the 4 steps you should go through to ensure your migration goes as smoothly as possible:

    1. Identify and Measure
    2. Rationalize
    3. Map
    4. Migrate

    She'll spare you the house moving analogies and get into some real-life examples of content migration - the good the bad and the ugly. As part of the workshop, Lindy will also guide you through a hands-on content mapping exercise that has been used to streamline migrations for organizations large and small, B2B, B2C and non-profit.

    Lindy Roux, VP & Managing Director, Tendo Communications