Gilbane Digital Content Conference 2017 Presentations

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Build Customer Conversations (NOT Impressions): A Keurig Green Mountain Digital Success Story
Let's Get Emotional: Creating Deeper Customer Connections with Emotion AI
Gabi Zijderveld - K2_Zijderveld.pptx
Diamond Sponsor Keynote - Adaptive Content Strategy: How to increase your ROC (Return on Content)
Juhee Garg - K3_Garg.pptx
Brand Content Strategies
Ora Solomon - C1_Solomon.pptx
John Johnston - C1_Johnston.pptx
From Off-The-Shelf to Personalization - How Should Marketer's Explore Their Data for Programmatic Buying?
Integrating Marketing Technology for Efficiency, Reach, and Engagement
Ira Frimere - C3_Frimere.pdf
Commerce, Content, and Conversion
Devnani & Althuru - C4_Devnani.pdf
Soren Stamer - C4_Stamer(1).pdf
Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration at Scale
Making your Intranet Great Again
Jeff Fried - W2_Fried.pptx
Joe Moriarty - W2_Moriarty.pptx
New Approaches to Enterprise Collaboration
Building an Exceptional Digital Experience with High Quality Content and Efficient Collaboration
Podnar & Ramirez - W4_Podnar.pdf
Melissa Webster - W4_Webster.pptx
Multi-channel Content Architectures for B2B and B2C
Anderson & Welty - T1_Anderson.pptx
Web & Mobile Development Strategy Update
Robb Winkle - T2_Winkle.pdf
Raymond Camden - T2_Camden.pptx
AR, VR, AI, and Cognitive Computing for Marketing and Content Applications
Tulika Garg - T3_Garg.pptx
Software Selection: Conversational Apps, MarTech Suites, Content Marketing
Samantha Stone - T4_Stone.pdf
Samantha Stone - T4_Stone(1).pdf

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Disruption - Is enough really enough?
The Rise of AI in Marketing: IDC Shares What Every Marketer Should Know
Customer Experience, Data, Personalization, and Brand Marketing
Aaron Kechley - C5_Kechley.pptx
Mark Smith - C5_Smith.pptx
Website Design Considerations
Peter McNally - C6_McNally.pdf
Customer Experience – Beyond the Obvious
Dustin Vaughn - C7_Vaughn.pptx
Exploring the New Frontiers of Language and AI
Digital Content Strategies for Now and the Future
News Engagement & Consumption
Lynette Chen - P2_Chen.pptx
Peter Marsh - P2_Marsh.pptx
Approaches to Linked Open Data & Named Entity Recognition
Kurlandski & Rafsky - P3_Kurlandski.pptx
Headless? De-coupled? Hybrid? Why? How?
Petr Palas - T5_Palas(1).pptx
Content That Keeps on Giving
Michel Biezunski - T6_Biezunski.pptx
Mark Gross - T6_Gross.pptx
Integrating Multilingual Content into Operations and Growth
Juliana Pereira - T7_Pereira.pdf
DAM for All - Publishing and Corporate
Chris Lang - T8_Lang(2).pptx

Thursday, November 30, 2017

WS1: Mapping Customer Journeys and Managing Content: How To Align Practices for Great Customer Experience
WS3: The Right Way to Select Digital Technology
WS4: Making the Most of Digital Globalization to Deliver the Best Experiences Globally
WS5: Designing Taxonomies and Metadata for Content Management
WS6: Did You Say: “Lift and Shift?!” – A Survival Guide to Content Migration
Lindy Roux - 1300_Roux.pdf