Marketing Technology Boot Camp

everything you never learned in college

CRM magazine’s Marketing Technology Boot Camp is a new, co-located conference held simultaneously with the Gilbane Digital Content Conference. Registrants to either of the events have the added benefit of access to all the sessions in both conferences. The Marketing Technology Boot Camp will drill down into specific strategies, tips, and tricks and practical advice that marketers can put into practice as soon as they return their offices, including:

  • Guerilla Marketing Strategies for Budget-Challenged Marketers, including Strategies to Reach Market Influencers and Generating Leads on a Limited Budget
  • B2B Marketing Jump Start, including Account-Based Marketing, Engaging C-Level Executives, and Tracking Revenue Influence
  • Technology Issues for Marketers, including CRM Integration, Personalization Techniques, and Technology Road Maps
  • The "How-To's" of Content Marketing, Generating Quality Content, Creating Personas, and Targeting Audiences Effectively
  • Building a World-Class Marketing Operations Team
  • Data Basics and Considerations for Marketers, Metrics Beyond SEO, Data Integration Issues, and Becoming a Data Driven Marketer

The co-location of Marketing Technology Boot Camp 2017 with the Gilbane Digital Content Conference provides a unique opportunity for marketers, technologists, and management at all types of organizations. Learn how your organization can capitalize on the dramatic and game-changing innovations in content and marketing technology. Register yourself or bring your whole team!

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