Elisha Heaps

Senior Data Scientist

Elisha is Chief Data Scientist at Digilant, leading the development of algorithmic real-time bidding solutions and programmatic audience targeting and extension. She is responsible for architecting the scalable, proprietary big data optimization strategies at the heart of Digilant's product vision.

In her time at Millennial Media (Jumptap) Elisha created a target audience optimization engine which processed quadrillions of records. She also designed, tested, and implemented real-time bidding algorithms responsible for handling billions of daily requests. Outside adtech, her recent work includes the architecture and implementation of the flight and hotel recommendation systems for a travel start-up called Lola Travel, as well as artificial intelligence development for a number of its sister companies in the portfolio of Boston's Blade software foundry.

Elisha received her M.S from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her B.A. from Harvard University.