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Tyler Davidson

CRO and Co-founder

Picture of Tyler DavidsonTyler Davidson is one of PushSpring’s co-founders and the company’s Chief Revenue Officer.  He oversees the growth and support of PushSpring’s customer base and related lines of business.  Prior to PushSpring, Tyler was a Regional Vice President at Amdocs with general management responsibility and accountability for a $270 million operating P&L tied to the company’s relationships with T-Mobile, Telus, MetroPCS, Cricket, and Clearwire.  Tyler has experience leading hundreds of employees across a full spectrum sales, technical, and operating functions. Tylerjoined Amdocs after holding leadership roles in marketing, strategy, and corporate development at IceBreaker (now DeNA), Clearwire (now Sprint), AT&T, XO Communications, and Ernst&Young. Tyler has a BA in Business Administration from the University of Washington.

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