Gilbane Conference 2016 Presentations

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

K1: Opening Keynote Presentations
Marissa Jarratt - 0830_Jarratt.pptx
Jon Marks - 0830_Marks.pptx
K2: Opening Keynote Panel - Industry Analysts Discuss Current Trends & the Future
C1: Take Control of Your Customer Experience
David Gang - 1330_Gang.pdf
Loni Stark - 1330_Stark.pdf
C2: Brands, Customers, and Partners
C3: Narrative and Content Development Strategies
Debra Lavoy - 1600_Lavoy.pptx
Kalfel, Berry & Lavoy - 1600_Kalfel.pptx
E1: Intranet Success Stories From the Field
Camille Wellard - 1330_Wellard.pdf
David King - 1330_King.ppt
E2: Trends in Digital Workplace Collaboration Tools, and Techniques
Peter O'Kelly - 1440_OKelly.pptx
Jeff Fried - 1440_Fried.pptx
E3: Collaborating for Innovation and a Better Customer Experience
Vecsei & Nicholes - 1600_Vecsei.pptx
Chris Crummey - 1600_Crummey.pdf
T1: Tag Team: Hot Topics in Marketing Technology & Strategy
T2: Marketing Technology Expectations and Decisions
T3: What's All This Talk About Headless CMSs?
van_den_Akker & van_Rooijen - 1600_van_den_Akker.pptx
D'Angiolillo & Dorval - 1600_DAngiolillo.pptx
P1: Leveraging New Distribution Channels
John Eckman - 1330_Eckman.pdf
P2: Content Management for Publishers – Making it Work
Carpenter & Cohan - 1440_Carpenter.pptx
P3: Data & Analytics for Publishers
DT1: Machine Learning & Content Marketing: Using Data to Turn Stale Content into Marketing Gold
Paul Blamire - 1330_Blamire.pdf
DT2: How to Create a Smart Virtual Workspace for Your Team
DT3: The Pros & Cons of Programmatic in the Face of Ad Fraud
Tim Bourgeois - 1600_Bourgeois.pptx

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

C4: Here Come the Bots: How Innovations in Artificial Intelligence Will Shape the Future of Content and Commerce
C5: Engaging with Global Audiences: Who’s Leading Today with Contemporary Language Practices and Technologies?
C6: Engaging Global Audiences: What’s on the Horizon for Language Practices, Capabilities, and Technologies?
C7: How to Successfully Map Business and Technology Requirements
J. Bradford Kain - 1140_Kain.pptx
Steiner & Peters - 1140_Steiner.pdf
C8: Unique Mobile Marketing Challenges
Jessica Langdorf - 1140_Langdorf.pptx
C9: Content Marketing Expert Panel
C10: Operational Strategies for Customer Experience
Martin Coady - 1400_Coady.pdf
Carolyn Pampino - 1400_Pampino(1).pdf
C11: Real Time Personalization & Challenges
Chris Hayes - 1400_Hayes.pptx
C12: Digital Executives Discuss Making Multichannel Content Marketing Work at a B2B Enterprise
C13: Managing Your Ongoing Digital Presence
David Hobbs - 1530_Hobbs.pptx
Diane Berry - 1530_Berry.ppsx
C14: Video Marketing Strategies
Cass Sapir - 1530_Sapir.pptx
E4: Intranet Adoption and Success
Rickard Hansson - 0830_Hansson.pptx
Dennis Pearce - 0830_Pearce.pptx
E5: Managing Knowledge in a Modern Digital Workplace
Eeshita Grover - 0940_Grover.pptx
Robert L. Armacost - 0940_Armacost.pptx
T4: Single Source Content Management, and Taxonomy Development/Management: Big Projects with Benefits
Busch & Kramer - 0830_Busch.pptx
Kramer & Busch - 0830_Kramer.pdf
T5: Optimizing with Deep Linking, Hummingbird, and Rankbrain
Jeff Coyle - 0940_Coyle.pdf
T6: Blockchain to Bots: A Look at Use Cases
Collins & Carner - 1140_Collins.pptx
Henry Amm - 1140_Amm.pdf
T7: Out Front with Real-Time Data & Analytics
P4: Innovating Through Transformation
Subrata Mukherjee - Video: Cars of the Future
P5: Innovation Town Hall
DT4: Enterprises Struggle with Web Translations – Is There a Way Out?
DT5: Mobile Translation for Agile, Global Businesses
DT6: The New Digital Workplace and 5 Steps to Building an Engaging Intranet
Mike Hicks - 1140_Hicks.pptx

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Workshop A: Building a Business Case for a Modern Intranet
Workshop B: An Anatomy of a Digital Audit
Workshop C: The Right Way to Select Digital Content Technology
Workshop D: Mapping Customer Journeys and Managing Content: How to Align Practices for Great Customer Experience
Workshop E: Designing Taxonomies and Metadata for CMS Implementation
Workshop F: Taking The Fast Track of Digital Globalization to Deliver Digital Experiences Globally