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Mel Tingey

IT Director - LDS Church Publishing Systems
LDS Church

Picture of Mel TingeyMel is a big believer that technology must serve a useful and highly beneficial purpose and provide real value. In order to deliver this kind of value he has found that healthy relationships with the key business stakeholders are critical in order to be successful.

Growing up near Brigham City, Utah on an orchard farm, Mel learned at an early age the value of hard work and lessons only learned on a farm.  When distilled down to the most basic principles, Mel is a walking example that the formula for success is to work hard, build true and authentic relationships that last a lifetime, have fun, be honest, and deliver results.

He and his wonderful wife Kelli and their five children live in Centerville Utah and enjoy everything that comes along with a busy family life. Every season of the year brings something new, from soccer, to school, to wrestling, to camping, to yard work and more.

Mel graduated in Computer Science and German from Weber State University. His career spans more than 26 years, and his journey has taken him across the public sector, private sector and is currently with the LDS Church.

To date, Mel has led over 60 major engineering projects to successful completion.

Gilbane Conference 2016