John Felahi

JGF Strategies LLC

Mr. Felahi leads a consulting service that provides insightful direction and analysis of business and product plans, messaging and channel strategy to early stage companies and established businesses focused primarily on cognitive computing, information access, search and machine learning based solutions. John has over 25 years of driving product and marketing efforts for innovative companies while holding executive positions. Mr. Felahi was the Chief Strategy Officer for Content Analyst Company, where he was responsible for the company's business strategy, product vision and messaging. John was also at Microsoft Corporation, where he was part of a small team responsible for setting the Office product division's long term product direction and strategy.  Before Microsoft acquired FAST Search & Transfer, John led FAST's OEM business, application product management, was very involved in the acquisition integration efforts and the company's messaging efforts.  In previous positions, he has led the development of innovative products, and their marketing, in digital imaging, advanced operating systems, content management and information access solutions.  In nearly all cases John has been a company spokesperson and has presented at numerous conferences and seminars.  John was a member of the honors program and holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Philosophy from Boston College.

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