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Picture of J. Bradford KainBrad Kain founded Quoin Inc. with Jean Pierre LeJacq in 1994 and has led the company’s expansion through three major business cycles, including the highs and lows of the dot-com era. A proven technologist with a multidisciplinary background in mathematics and computer science, he has successfully delivered a broad range of large-scale projects as a system architect, project lead, and engineering manager. He is a seasoned developer of web-based applications in online media, financial services, e-commerce, and business analytics, and he specializes in working with clients to define innovative applications for online services, knowledge management, and social media applications. Brad’s experience as both an analyst and a developer allows him to skillfully balance the competing needs of business stakeholders with those of technologists. He is particularly effective at collaborating with clients to establish and manage critical business objectives. In addition to his duties at Quoin, Brad serves as chief technology officer for PublicRelay, a cutting-edge media-monitoring firm, where he supports product development, architecture, and engineering. He is also an accomplished fencer who competes both regionally and nationally.

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