Edouard Dorval

Software Engineer, Co-founder and CIO
A&E Solutions

Picture of Edouard DorvalEdouard Dorval is an Application Software Engineer for A&E Solutions, a software company that helps with content strategy implementation for large-scale applications. Known as the “Performance Guy”, he is the one developers seek when there’s a need for the software to be implemented with a crucial emphasis on actual performance. Edouard has been a software developer for over 14 years. He is skilled in problem-solving and enjoys breaking down complicated problems and situations into simple solutions for his audience. He has also collaborated with large technology companies including Microsoft, IBM, Adobe and Pivotal Labs by assisting with the implementation of successful applications.

During his time at the Hertz Corporation, he was the very first to successfully implement a new Java content management system that operates a .net runtime with 100% interoperability.

Gilbane Conference 2016