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Tara Bartley

Senior Marketing Manager
Media & Entertainment
Akamai Technologies

Picture of Tara BartleyTara Bartley is an accomplished marketer with more than two decades in the global technology industry, excelling in field and product marketing, brand building, lead generation and new product launches. She started her career at technology powerhouse SAP, where she spent countless hours in the field interacting with prospects. Subsequently, Tara dove into the start-up and early-stage technology sector with Demantra (Oracle acquired), followed by Director roles at Maven (Yahoo! acquired), Signiant and Verivue (Akamai acquired), where she was responsible for everything from event planning to website optimization and public relations. Since 2012, she's held both CDN product marketing and Media & Entertainment and Gaming field marketing roles at Akamai Technologies - the 6,000+ employee company that's been trading on the NASDAQ for more than 15 years, and is currently valued at more than $9 billion.

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